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Futon Slip Cover - Your Futons Best Friend

Perhaps your futon is in the same shape mine used to be in. The cushion is torn in spots so you try and turn it over or there are so many stains on it that friends think you have a new futon pattern going.

But the thing is the futon frame is still in great shape. So what can you do? Well, this is a great time to add a futon slip cover to your existing futon.

Yes, you could throw out your old futon and spend hundreds, if not thousands, on a new one... or you can buy a futon slip cover for a fraction of that amount.

You would be amazed at the many different patterns, colors, and fabrics that are available. I know people who change their futon slip cover with the seasons of the year.

They will have bright, flowery patterns in the spring and summer, followed by fall type colors in September.

Materials for futon slip covers range anywhere from cotton to silk and everything in between. It's basically a matter of personal choice.

One tip that you may want to consider though is to be sure you buy a slipcover fabric that will withstand your usage. I mean having a silk slipcover with 5 kids at home may not be a great idea.

You can find futon slip covers in most retail stores that sell slip covers as well as places like Wal-Mart. To find a wider selection of patterns and materials I would suggest you shop online. There you will find the perfect slip cover for your needs.

So, if you have a futon with a mattress that is showing its age, don't throw it out yet. Take some time and find a futon slip cover to give it a makeover. You will love the results!