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Sofa Slipcovers - Tips On Keeping Them Clean

Sofa slipcovers are great in protecting and making any sofa look new again. With that said, sofa slipcovers can also cost a little more money than covers for chairs or other furniture.

Add a slipcover to your new sofa only makes sense. You've spent a good deal of money on it and you'll want to protect it. Having to redo the upholstery in a year or two is quite an expense and a unnecessary one at that.

Having a sofa slipcover will also mean that there will be times when you'll need to clean it. Accidents happen, especially if you have children at home. Food or drinks can get spilled and pets can also make messes as well.

There is no set way of cleaning a slip cover; it depends on what type of material it is made out of. There may be a tag on the slipcover that will let you know the instructions on cleaning them.

If you have one made of cotton you can generally toss it in the washing machine and let it air dry. But if it's made of linen, it will need to be dry cleaned.

One important point is to never put sofa slipcovers in the dryer. A heated dryer will cause the cover to shrink and you will never get it to fit over your sofa again.

Find out the proper cleaning instructions for your sofa slipcovers and you'll never have a problem.